I joined Influenster a few months ago and was offered a Beauty Blogger VoxBox – hooray! Free stuff, just for giving my unfettered, very unhumble opionion. I’ll take it!

I got it a bit ago, but in the everyday hustle and bustle of having a baby and learning to adjust to life with one (more on that sometime soon!) I didn’t have a chance to update about it. So here I am with a quick update now, just showing what I got in it. I’ll do longer, more in-depth reviews of the products as I try them out, and I’m excited to do that!

Included in this beauty VoxBox were:
+ Ever Pro Lashes starter kit by Kiss
+ Orange EBOOST natural energy booster
+ Goody Spin Pins (which I did take out of the package immediately to try out, since I usually put my hair up in a bun of some kind!)
+ New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact
+ Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake candle – which is cool because I’d meant to go to one of their retail stores on… whatever day they were giving these out free, but I forgot. There was also a coupon for $10 off one of the 3-wick candles (that retail for $20) but this mama is brokey artichokey and couldn’t even afford that luxury! Also I just realized the coupon expired :\

So! A bunch of stuff, for free… I like it. I was pleasantly surprised at this initial VoxBox, not knowing what to expect. It’s not meant to be a cohesive box with a theme, and I liked the variety. Not sure I’ll really get any use out of the fake lashes, since I’ve never used them before – but I’ll try ’em 🙂

Influenster isn’t just cool because of the free stuff (it helps, though) but a good way to review and pass on the word about different products. Feedback is always a good thing.