I’m posting.

It’s been 103 days since I last posted. That’s weird, huh? I don’t know if it’s more weird that I haven’t bothered to post in that many days (not that I was a particularly prolific blogger before) or that I actually looked up on the internet how many days it’s been since my last post.

So many things have happened! Our daughter is still amazing and beautiful and wonderful and continues to astound (and sometimes confound) me on a daily basis. K still does the same as well, if I’m being honest. I signed over ownership of my little red mare to my barn owner since I was so behind on board payments, and luckily, I found out recently she landed in a very soft and wonderful place with an owner who not only loves and adores her to bits and pieces, but blogs (more prolifically than I could ever hope to) about their progress, so I get to ‘watch’ her blossom under someone else.

I still have big dreams, big ambitions, big hopes, and big big big fears about those.

Right now the biggest dream/ambition/hope is to raise a caring, thoughtful, respectful, intelligent, helpful, imaginative little girl, which is also the biggest fear that consumes me.

(Apart from writing in here.)

Celeste has been ON MY BUTT ALL THE TIME (slight exaggeration) about blogging and writing, and she is on her way to forcing Aimee to also be ON MY BUTT ALL THE TIME about this, so…

I’m babbling.

Here’s a baby.