Hi! I’m Rebecca, but for all intents and internet purposes, I’m oh, rebecca (likewise on Twitter and Facebook, should you want to find and follow me there). I used to keep a blog(ish) over at blogspot that I very infrequently updated, though there is some pretty good shit (in my opinion) over there, and I might reference a post in some fashion or another at some point or another.

Why ‘oh, rebecca?’ Well, it’s something I hear a lot, mostly with an exasperated tone. I have an obnoxious tendency to do and say silly things, and most of those silly things are met with ‘oh, rebecca!’ with emphasis on varying syllables, depending on the severity of silliness I’ve just exhibited. To wit, sometimes if it’s cutely and endearingly silly, it’s ‘OHHHHH, rebecca,’ said with a wry smile and slight shake of the head. If my silliness has potentially messed up something for someone else, even in the smallest of small ways, it’s invariably met with an exasperated ‘oh, rebeccAAAAAA!’ For those numerous times when I’ve almost tremendously messed up something for myself and everyone, including myself, knows about it. That brings us to ‘oh, reBECCa!’ usually accompanied by vaguely shocked and amusedly stricken faces directed at me as I wag my head in shame. And last but not least on this list, is the newly-discovered “oh. rebecca.” in which each one of those mere four syllables carries equal and great weight; the gravitas of this ‘oh, rebecca’ is stunning and probably something completely catastrophic has occurred – it is, as they say, srs bzns. Luckily, I’ve encountered this last one the least, albeit with increasing frequency as I get older and better at fucking things up.

Those are the four thus-far identified faces of oh, rebecca. I haven’t yet heard or figured out how an ‘oh, REBecca’ would or could work, but I’m not entirely discounting it – if there’s a way it can be done, I’ll find it, by god, I will. This blog will be about my life and those many, varied, and oft-repeated ‘oh, rebecca’ moments as I try to piece my silly life together. Sometimes I draw things, paint things, sew things, knit things, crochet things, take photos of things, and otherwise make things, and they might on occasion show up on here as well. Sometimes, I might even want to sell those things I make, and you will be able to find them at ohrebecca.etsy.com and you can give me dollars and I will send them to you for your own personal, private property, along with (probably) a hand-written note with a little drawing on it. Then we’ll be pretty close to being real friends instead of just internet friends.

So this is me! The first actual, non-introductory post will be coming sometime-ish, shortly-ish. Keep your pants on. I guess. If you’re into that sort of nonsense.