I didn’t make any plans for New Year’s Eve 2011. I could only think of one thing I wanted to do, but I’d realized it too late and consequently asked too late and wasn’t able to do what I wanted. Instead, I spent the night watching TV and movies alone with an order of Gang Khew Wan from my then-favorite Thai food place and went to bed well before the ball dropped at midnight. I had no idea that my ideal 2011 NYE partner-in-crime and I would go on a date about a month after NYE and in the months ensuing, we would become exclusive, exchange the L word (no gift receipts), discover a mutual favorite Thai restaurant, move in together, and then spend New Year’s Eve 2012 together in Ohio, watching my cousin Mary and her fiancee Chad get married in a beautiful, homespun, heartfelt wedding, and then retire to our motel room where our dog loyally (and hopefully) waited for us, our motel room where we now sit – together – watching a marijuana special on the History Channel, drinking Smirnoff Ice (me – please don’t judge) and Sierra Nevada (him).

No glitz, no glamor. No LBD (though I did wear a gray dress to the wedding), no champagne. No ticker tape or streamers or confetti or balloons or glitter or flashing neon lights or noisemakers. Just me, and the man I love, and our dog, and big hopes for a big year. It’s perfect.

Here’s to 2012, to you and yours, from me and mine.