Today! Is two months till Evie’s due date!

Which means I am growing increasingly scared/nervous/worried/happy/elated/excited/all-the-emotions. We have to finish the nursery. We have to go to the baby shower. We have to babyproof the house. LOTS TO DO.

But in the midst of all the nervy feelings, there is that “oh my god, we get to MEET her soon!” We had a 3D ultrasound done a week and a half ago, and while that was fun and we got to see her chub-a-dub cheeks, I know it can’t and won’t compare to holding her and hearing her and watching her breathe and cuddling with her.

And everything else.
So many things! I’ve been thinking about all the fun things I can’t wait to do with her in the years to come, things that my mom and I used to do together, that I later did with the children I babysat and nannied for. But now! My own little wee one with which to:

-go on nature walks and have her point out to me things that she thinks are awesome and cool – and hopefully I can explain them!
-read books, all the books, every book
-draw, color, make collages, make macaroni art, fingerpaint, build things out of papier mache and popsicle sticks, finger-knit
-make dollhouse sized accessories for Calico Critters and houses —out of shoeboxes and cardboard
-make mudpies & sand castles
-grow butterflies from caterpillars & catch fireflies (and let them go)
-dance and sing and feel very very silly
-make up our own cartoon characters and superheroes
-sometimes make confetti and throw it for no good reason other than that sometimes you just need to celebrate
-grow plants and flowers from seed
-make (healthy! homemade!) popsicles and ice cream and other yummy yummies
-make pinecone-peanut butter-birdseed bird feeders
-take her to the zoo; the aquarium; every museum we can get our hands on; the petting zoo; the cider mill; real working farms; —parks big and small; the beach
-play dress-up
-try new foods
-play soccer and baseball and hockey and basketball and such-like.
-see things in the clouds
-make up our own stories and illustrate them for her Papa
-learn the names of all the animals!
-take things apart and put them back together
-and everything else ever.

Especially pony rides.

Basically, I want to instill in her the kind of imagination, creativity, and desire to learn that my mom gave to me. I want Evie to do, and make, and think, and grow, and learn, and try, and always want to be doing one or more of those things.

Well-rounded, I hope.

Eeep. Two more months! And then comes the waiting until we can do all this fun stuff… I’ll just add more to the list in the meantime. 😀