Last Thursday, I was in the middle of eating pretty much all the food out of an Olga’s restaurant when I got a phone call from the L&D ward at my hospital, saying that all their beds were full and they’d have to delay or reschedule my induction. I was put on the on-call list and then my doctor called and said we could reschedule for Sunday/Monday so she’d be able to be there, rather than delaying it for sometime over the weekend when she wouldn’t be on call. So we re-re-scheduled!

And then!
I started having contractions. Which I thought were stomach pains or gas cramps from eating all the Olga’s. But they weren’t. I took a warm bath to see if that would help, but it didn’t. And when they got to be about 5 minutes apart and almost a minute long, I went downstairs and said to K, “Sooooo, I think we need to go to L&D after all.” He packed up in record time and we were on our way. The contractions quickly progressed from “hmm, that feels like a cramp” to “give me your hand, I need to kill it with my hand NOW.”

Long story short, I got my epidural early Friday morning and started to push Friday afternoon. Little baby was sunny side up/straight occiput posterior, however, which basically means she was coming out ALL WRONG and it hurt like hell and she was barely budging. She got stuck. Did I mention it hurt like hell? It hurt like hell. So we opted for an emergency c-section, which was not in my plan at all, but after hours of painful pushing and a failure to progress, it was the best option for us.

At 5.01pm on 9/21/2012, our Evie was born. K got into the operating room just as she was pulled out and up for us to see, and I remember her mewling little cry and how it hit all my heartstrings at once. K held her close to me and I stroked her head while my team stitched me up. I’d asked the nurse anesthesiologist at my head to tell me if she was pretty when they pulled her out, and he said “mama, she’s gorgeous!” and even though she was red and brown all over (oh yeah, she pooped in the womb. That’s my girl), she really was. And she really still is.

I’m a mom, and I’ve been a mom for a week, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It hasn’t been the easiest week, partially because I stayed in the hospital till Tuesday due to some episodes of uncharacteristically high blood pressure, partially because I’m a worrywart and now have one million billion more things to worry about on top of what I already had, partially because of everything else in the world, but it has, overall, been an amazing first week of being a mother. Plus, I got the best birthday gift in the world for both K and myself!

photo by my friend Annemarie!

I’m pretty sure I love this gorgeous little girl more than life itself, from her little button nose, to her tiny monkey toes. She is my Beanie, my Bean Berini, my Little, my Itty Bits.

She’s absolutely amazing.

PS – Peggah and Leslie were the closest for birthweights (both guessed 7lbs 9oz, she was 7lbs, 8.3oz) but no one got the birthday right, so let me know what you want a doodle of, and I will doodle it for you! 😀