You don’t know my mom, but I do, and she’s pretty awesome.
And that’s why I’m trolling for votes for her on my own website.

See, she randomly entered a photo contest just for fun, and never imagined she’d be one of the final 8 chosen to be voted on by the public. But, well, she was! Which means she’s awesome. (she’s awesome for many more reasons than that, this is just the most pressing one)

Right now she’s sitting pretty in 3rd place, just a few votes behind the 2nd place person, and 35ish votes behind the leader.
From what I understand from doctors, Anne Marie from Inkster and Regina from Ypsilanti eat puppies, kittens, and cute babies for breakfast, and if they win, the terrorists have also won, and so has Rep. Todd Akin, and so have puppy-, kitten-, and cute-baby-eaters. Basically everyone bad wins.

We can’t let that happen. Since I have a cute baby on the way, I don’t want any such thing occurring.
Vote now, vote often (under whatever multiple FB accounts you have, because you know you probably do have more than one, for secrets and Harriet-the-Internet-Spying and such)

I would play you a sad Sarah McLachlan song while showing you pictures of sad puppies and sad kittens and sad babies that will soon be consumed by those Inkster and Ypsi folks, if that would convince you, but that’s cruel and unusual psychological punishment, and though I am feeling rather jerkish today, I’d rather not do that to you. Also, I’m too lazy to put together something like that, and frankly I have too much to do today. So how about this? Leave a comment with your vote number, and I will send one random person {randomly picked using a number generator with your comment number, NOT your vote number} a $10 Starbucks gift card to thank you for participating, REGARDLESS of whether or not my mama wins. It can be a physical gift card, OR an e-gift card, whichever you prefer.

Mom’s contest ends tonight at 11, so you have a few hours to get your votes in. If you do have multiple FB accounts and magically place multiple votes for her, please leave a separate comment for each vote number! I will pick a winner tomorrow after work and after my doctor’s appointments, and the gift card will go out Friday!

Don’t let the puppy-eaters win. It’s bad for America. Remember, a vote for Oh, Rebecca’s mom is a vote for freedom – and puppies and kittens and cute babies.

Here’s the link:
Vote for Oh, Rebecca’s Mom!
You do have to “like” Frankenmuth and there is an app, but feel free to block it after the contest! (I likely will be doing the same).

Thanks! And good luck to YOU!