-work 8-12, clean out the work freezer and fridge
-snag paycheck before leaving work
-stop at Somerset to have some lovely Lush ladies give me some free Lush pampering
-go to the hospital for my weekly non-stress test and biophysical profile
-grab some yummy grub
-go back to the hospital to get induced and have a baby

So, that last item on the list…

At my Tuesday checkup, neither baby nor I had made any more progression since last week’s checkup, and because of my gestational diabetes, they are reluctant to let me go much past 40 weeks, sooooo we made the induction appointment. I was hoping for a Sunday/Monday induction, and they would let me do it, but the hospital didn’t have any slots open for that, whatever that means. So, I go in between 6-6.30pm Thursday, have some unfun stuff happen, stay overnight (with drugs!), and get more unfun stuff on Friday morning. Hopefully, that same day, there will be a baby and she will be on the outside of me instead of on the inside.

That’ll take some getting used to!

Our hospital bags are packed, though should we forget anything, our house is a mere 5 minutes away. The car-seats are installed in our cars. The bouncer and swing and pack n play are assembled and ready at their stations. The house is pretty damn clean, courtesy of both of us nesting like crazy the past 2 days. I mean, it’s not Better Homes & Gardens clean, but it’s ADD-30-something clean. The nursery is done, the cloth diapers and clothes are washed, the disposable diapers are ready to see some newborn action, and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. Wait, we don’t have a chimney, and also wrong season.

We are as ready as we think we can be, if only in theory.
I don’t think anything can prepare us for what comes next.
We’ll do okay, somehow.