Tentatively putting my toes into the world of nail polish blogging (please be gentle!), since I saw the new Essie Spring 2013 Collection at Target today. I’m not big on pinks, purples, or corals, so really only two of this collection interested me (for now…) – Avenue Maintain and Maximillian Strasse-Her. And as pretty as Avenue was… well, I’m a sucker for a greenish gray – er, grayish green – er, whatever this color is.

I searched online to see if anyone else had swatches of them yet, ’cause in the bright lights of the store, it seemed similar to Essie’s Absolutely Shore from Summer 2011 (which started me back on loving nail polish after about a 10 year hiatus from wearing it), but I still felt it was just a taaaaaaad different. Which is, of course, juuuuuuust different enough to merit buying it. Anyway, no one had swatches of it yet, so here goes!

Maximillian Strasse-Her is a gorgeous grey-toned green, or green-toned grey, whichever way you want to go. Grays, greens, and blues are my favorite colors to wear, and this, falling into two of those categories, is no exception.

IMG_4788 copy
^ This is more true to life, colorwise.


And for comparison’s sake, a flash bottle shot of colors I thought might be similar, but aren’t dupes. From L to R, Essie Absolutely Shore, Zoya Neely, Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her, Zoya Bevin. As you can see, it’s a lot different from Absolutely Shore! I thought maybe it would be closer to OPI Thanks A Windmillion but then remembered that Windmillion and Bevin are if not dupes, pretty durn close. The only other one I can think of would be OPI Stranger Tides, but I’m pretty sure that leans way more yellow than the cool greeny grey here. I don’t have it, so I don’t know. I can and will swatch these 4 onto my nail wheels if anyone is interested. I did them on my right hand originally, but a) I’m sucky at painting with my left hand and b) I smudged them within minutes. Failure is me. I thought it would be right between Bevin/Windmillion & Absolutely Shore, but on the nail, it is much closer to Bevin/Windmillion than to Absolutely Shore. Bevin is brighter, though, and this is murky. I <3 murky. I *have* a non-flash bottle shot, but WP is NOT cooperating with me today (nor is my computer, nor is my phone. It's one of Those Days.) photo-73new

(here’s attempt #38491842834 at somehow getting it to load, at a reasonable size:)
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It’s tiny, but whatever. Clickable.

Formula was fine. I don’t have a big problem with any of the Essie formulas like some people do. 2-3 coats should give you full opacity with no bare spots; 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner.

I love this color and am beyond glad I got it. Right up my alley.

I bought and paid for this on my own and was not compensated by Essie in any way, shape, or form for my review. Purchased at my local Target for $7.79 + tax.