I’ve been extremely unhappy with myself lately, as I took a hiatus from running and gained back every single pound I fought so hard to lose, as well as picking up a few more on the side. Awesome. I’m trying very hard to get back in the rhythm of things, but my acquisition of a second part-time job often means I’m working 11-13 hours a day and am not in the mood to go for a run or even do a pilates/workout DVD when I get home. The simple answer would be to wake up earlier, but I do have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and thus “reward” myself with sleeping in a little bit when I can. Plus it’s bitterly cold outside and I absolutely loathe and detest the cold, especially when it’s a choice between being outside sucking at running in the frigid air, or being inside sucking at running on the warm couch with my warm dog.

Excuses, excuses.

I also have fallen into the age-old trap of being both too broke and too busy to really eat healthy. Many days I forget to eat at job 1, or snack on whatever’s available on the free-for-all table. Then I’m stuck at job 2 for the remainder of the day, and a half hour break only frees up enough time to run to the cafe for a sweet, sugary, diabetic-coma-causing treat, or one of the nearby fast food joints for a carb-laden, fatty, heart-attack-inducing ‘meal.’ Oh, plus I’m usually putting all my last silver coinage into my gas tank (filtered first through the gas station attendant, of course – I know better than to put non-liquids and non-gasoline-things in my car) so my choices are further limited to what I’ve got in my pocket at any given time (mostly lint, pens, hair ties, random scraps of paper with impertinent information). When I do get a chance to eat, usually around 11 at night, I’m exhausted and just graze – and graze and graze and graze. My mom has been kind enough to drop off food she’s made (pork chops, roasted potatoes, macaroni & cheese, sweet potatoes, barbecue chicken) but I tend to blindly shove as much of it in my face as I can, as soon as possible.

How do I get back into eating healthily, and normally? Or will that have to wait till I am in better financial arrears at the beginning of the year? Should I just throw myself, heart and soul, back into running and know that every little bit I do in that regard will help my health?

I would really like an indoor bike trainer to lock my bike onto so that I can ride indoors in my warm, warm house to my heart’s content while I read a book or watch TV, or a new gym membership, or clothes warm enough to run around outside in; I would also like enough money to buy fresh fruits and veggies and proteins every week and enough time in which to cook them properly and healthily.

In lieu of those things, since I’m sure no one wants to buy them for me or arrange so that they are readily available for me, can you help me out by either encouraging me and pledging to ‘get healthy’ with me, or offering tips/tricks/advice to get me through this and on to losing weight/being healthy again? How do you find or make the time? Can you hold me accountable for runs/workouts if I post about them on Facebook or Twitter?

I would absolutely super-love it, and you!