Some stuff that’s happened, in no order of importance or chronology:

I turned 30. There were no trumpets, little fanfare, and I was in the car for about six hours of it. I spent the day with K, visited the grave of my favorite racehorse in the world, saw my mom, and came home to Frank the dog. It was, all in all, a good day.

My therapist (oh yeah, I have one of those) thinks I have ADD. The psychiatrist in the clinic apparently thought so too, but for some reason only prescribed antidepressants, which are only serving to make me feel lonelier, lazier, heavier, and sleepier. None of those are yay-things, so I’m looking into fixing that!

K and I found a house to rent and have moved in – or at least, he did, and I’m halfway there. I still have my old house till the 30th, so I have to get my bootay in gear and move my books and furniture. But, this house is glorious and big, and fancyish, and it feels like home now, with my boy and my dog there. It will feel even more like home with my books in it. I adore it – and, so far (except for one circumstance) it has felt decidedly unhaunted to me, which is definitely a bonus.

I fixed it, but I typed “boox” at first up there ^

Turning 30, and seeing a therapist/psychiatrist has made me re-evaluate my life goals, and I’m thinking that maybe something I’ve been struggling at for a LONG time just isn’t meant to be. The cogs, they are a’ turning.

Still fat. Still semi-working on it. Still definitely need to get more on it.

Had a bunch of random, awkward, uncomfortable run-ins this year, but learn a little more about myself with each one.

I love nail polish.

Drawing and arts and crafts have been severely lacking in my life lately.

So has riding the Gabby horse.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll probably expound on more things soon. I’m just trying to find a direction for this blog (still) and a direction for my life (still).