I am the worst at updating.

Baby is a girl! Evelyn Clare is what we are naming her! Kirk’s late grandmother was named Evelyn, as was a friend of my mom’s who died suddenly and far too young when I was an adolescent. I’ve always loved the name, and I’ve always wanted to name a baby girl after her, because she was awesome. Clare is just a name I’ve always liked, too! We found out gender on April 16th, and had another ultrasound May 7th because the tech couldn’t get all her measurements in April, as Evie was a little small at 17weeks 3days. We have yet ANOTHER ultrasound June 4th to get some more heart measurements. Apparently Little Miss gets a bit camera shy! At both the April and May ultrasounds, we got pictures of her crossing her legs at the ankles. So lady-like.

May baby legs!

Fetal movement has increased from a kick here or there to kicks, punches, swirls, swishes, flips all day long! Today I think she is taking afer her overgrootmoeder, my Oma, who was a high school soccer player in the Netherlands, and K, who also played soccer in high school, but not in the Netherlands. Also, I guess she takes after me, because I did kick one of my college best friends in the nads once. Sorry, Dobie.

It’s getting both scarier and more exciting the further along I get in the pregnancy. I’m now 22 weeks and a handful of days, and I still have it fairly easy, with very minimal morning sickness, only sporadic heartburn, and only about 12 lbs weight gain (which is what I’d lost pre-baby, anyway!) I found out I was pregnant when I was around 5 weeks along, had the first ultrasound when I was about 10 weeks along, and now I’m more than halfway through to us meeting her live and in person.

here we are at 22 weeks!


K has dutifully accompanied me to all but the VERY first ultrasound, which wasn’t done at my OB/GYN (who is fabulous, by the by!), but at a pregnancy center where I had to endure them trying to convert me to Christianity. We have gotten to see her grow from the size of a kumquat to the size of a spaghetti squash. We have seen little lady parts, stomach, spine, ribs, brain, chambers of the heart, bone growth, little itty bitty phalanges, and wow.

It is all too, too much and yet not enough.

Oh! And also! K proposed to me at the Kentucky Derby, even though I was lame and wanted to go home before the actual Derby because it was SO hot and with all the drunkards around I was Not Having It. And I said yes, of course! Duh. So there’s that, too. I have a gorgeous vintage ruby-and-diamond ring, an absolutely amazing fiancee (even though he drank my bottle of Pepsi from the fridge!), and a thriving baby growing in me.

Life could be better in a few ways, but only a few. Nothing I can’t handle or fix or change myself.