I’m some kind of 29 year old girl, can you even believe it?!

I live with this one dog and do not live with this one horse I have. I like to do things such as: reading, writing, bicycling, thrifting, karaokeing, drinking some good things, eating some good things, occasionally seeing my friends, drawing, painting, engaging in other crafty endeavors, making messes, paying bills super late and only by threat of service disconnection, drinking coffee, making up stories, sleeping peacefully, hugging, cuddling, movie-watching, watching television shows that either once did not suck or never have, pretending I know a lot more than I do.

I am a bastard child and I don’t ask questions about that, but I ask them about everything else.

I have approximately ten ideas per day: one great one, two acceptable ones, two fair to middling ones, and five extremely bad ones.

I have ex-boyfriends all over the place.