A few weeks ago, I got my August Birchbox, promptly opened it, oohed and ahhed appropriately over it, and then “put it in a safe place” so the dog wouldn’t get to it. My family has a secret history of putting things in a safe place and then never finding them again. A few days ago, I realized that I hadn’t seen it since I hid it, and as there was a Schick Hydro Silk razor in the box and my razor was due for a change, I began a womanhunt for it.

I searched high (on top of the cupboards in the kitchen) and low (underneath the couch and the bed). I looked right in front of my eyes, and in places I hardly visit. I looked on the shelves, in the bookcases, on the tables, in the closets, in the car. In boxes. In bags. On top of the fridge. Even in the fridge.

I gave up. I am tenacious, but I know when I’m beat, and I was beat. K offered to help me find it, but having searched what seemed like the entire house, I was convinced it had gotten thrown away in one of my frenzied, late-night, pregnancy-caused cleaning binges. Somehow, I thought that, even though I have 6+ empty Birchboxes sitting around waiting for me to use them in a crafty, eco-conscious way (or just have them sit around even longer).

Sadness overwhelmed me. Never mind that it wasn’t my favorite Birchbox ever (It was still good, but not my favorite), I don’t like losing stuff, much less stuff I paid for, much less stuff I can use, that I paid for. Ugh! It was lost and gone forever, that was that, and sigh.

Thursday night, I was getting together some ingredients to make homemade laundry detergent, and went into the kitchen utensil drawer to pull out a measuring cup. Which I also did that morning when I measured out 1c of my cereal, and 3/4c of my almond-coconut milk. And I closed the drawer, and a few minutes later, I went back in it because Pregnancy Brain made me think I’d put the cup back in there after using it.

I hadn’t, but there, in all its tan and pink glory, was my missing Birchbox. So I hadn’t scoured as high and low and medium as I thought I had, and I’d also somehow completely overlooked it not once, not twice, but three times in the course of ONE day! Simply because I wasn’t consciously looking for it.

Well, mystery solved, and my August Birchbox is thrilled to be reunited with me (I think), as I am with it.

Here are the contents of the box!

From L to R: Schick Hydro Silk women’s razor, Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Bronze Brilliance, Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls, Viva La Juicy Le Fleur, and Beauty Fixation Makeup Remover Swabs

Not a Birchbox member yet? Use this link to sign up today! $10 a month for 5-7 deluxe beauty samples. I did the math on the Big Ticket items in this box (not including the 3 makeup remover swabs and the vial of Juicy perfume), and they were valued at $36, since the Pixi was full-size. Not a bad deal! Plus, you can use your empty boxes to store secrets, pens, postcards/notecards, or all your millions of dollars. I also reuse the tissue paper that comes in the box – most notably, to line the inside of our baby shower invitations!

One more thing about Birchbox: their customer service is EXCELLENT. When one of my boxes was missing a product, they sent me a replacement ASAP. And when my JERK of a dog ATE that replacement (it was a tin of sugar free mints), and my pregnant brain had a meltdown about it, they sent me another replacement! They are super kind, friendly, and extremely helpful. And I ended up loving those mints so much, I spent my Birchbox points on buying more! Oh yeah, did I tell you about the Birchbox points? No? Well, not only do you get points for referring people (hint hint) but you also get points when you purchase something through their shop, AND when you do reviews/ratings on the products in your monthly box. 100 points is ten bucks, and you get ten points per product rating, so… within 2 or so months you can have $10 free to spend in their shop! Pretty good deal if you ask me, and I know you didn’t.

So anyway. Birchbox. Yeah. It rules.

(reminder to get your guesses in on Evie’s birthdate and birth weight here till midnight tonight! So far, the current guesses are:

Peggah: 9/19 (evening baby); 7lbs 9oz
Kristina: 9/24; 7lbs 2oz
and some guesses from Facebook:
Leslie: 9/17; 7lbs 9oz (tied with Peggah for weight!)
Lauren: 9/15; 8lbs 1oz
April: 9/26; 8lbs 12oz
Lynne: 9/11; no weight guess!)