New illustrations. I went to the art store today, and got a hodge podge of fun stuff. I needed a new palette/paint mixing tray and a tube of black acrylic, and couldn’t decide what else to get on top of that, so I went a little ADD and got some Le Pen pens (I adore these, for regular writing, not art. I’d rather use Microns for art), block printing inks, and lino blocks. I also wanted new markers for my new job (more on that sometime soon), more new acrylics, a drafting table, a new portfolio, more pastels/charcoals/drawing pencils, and yeah, basically one of everything in the store.

The ‘oh, rebecca’ part of this? I spent that money and got some fun stuff to play with, but when I got home I played with a stack of blank envelopes and a handful of those shitty no-name markers that come in cheap kids’ ‘art’ kits – the kind that are so dried out that they are already faded/fading on first use.

But, I had fun. And that is what counts.